May 13, 2018

Episode 002 - Mamie Phipps Clark | Psychologist

Alternate Title: Doleful Dolls

Emma tells Emlyn about the psychologist Mamie Phipps Clark who conducted the doll test for racial self-hate and Emlyn tells Emma about sea ice algae and how to keep your junk safe!


Main Story - Mamie Phipps Clark

  1. An interview of Mamie Clark by Ed Edwin from 1976
  2.; Clark, Mamie Phipps
  3. Psychology’s Feminist Voices; Profile: Mamie Phipps Clark.
  4. “The Doll Test for Racial Self-Hate; Did it Ever Make Sense.”
  5. How a Psychologist’s Work on Race Identity Helped Overturn School Segregation in 1950s America”

Women who werk

  1. Polar sea ice leads to more productive ocean
  2. This material uses energy from ambient light to kill hospital superbugs.  


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